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Of the Sand

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Gritty granules poured into every crack drawn upon my scarred hands. They burned as they wedged themselves deeper into the chasms more numerous than the mocking stars glittering in the night sky, burrowing deeper into my very soul, my very being, all that I was and would ever be. Until I lost myself in their scouring, their scalding.

I’d always believed I could expunge them when they came for me, expel them, but Granna was wrong. Granna had lied.

And now fire and sand consumed me. The gods had spoken.


See the pic that inspired this post on Insta! #flashfictionfriday

Also, the artwork in the aesthetic is not my own and is used for inspiration purposes only. If you are one of the artists appearing here and would like your work removed, please contact me here.

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