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Alli drinks way too much coffee and is obsessed with burning redwood-scented candles, but growing up with two sisters, she's always been a tad over-dramatic. It doesn't help that she enjoys books with dragons, wizards, and laser swords.

Graduating with a bachelor's degree in Middle Grades Education, Alli taught English Language Arts for five years and tried to convince thirteen-year-olds that Poe wasn't nearly as crazy as he sounded.

At present, Alli writes science-fiction and fantasy novels from an office filled with books and other nerdy collectibles. She lives in the southern US with her husband, children, and two poodle mixes.​

Alli is the author of The Gate Chronicles, a science fantasy series that features a world she likes to call steampunk Star Wars and a spice-free SLOWburn romance. Want to start reading? Click
HERE. Check out her BOOKS page for more information, and sign up for her NEWSLETTER to be in the know on the latest updates.
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