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Cities of Smoke & Starlight

Two lost souls. One dangerous mission.

Kase is a screw up, and when he takes the blame for nearly killing a fellow pilot, he faces serious charges. Seeking to clear his name, he flies a ragtag crew to establish trade with a hostile race and help his nation avoid the looming war. If only he didn't have to work with the infuriating bookshop attendant who insulted him with Shakespeare...

After Hallie loses her bookshop job and the promise of school tuition, she’s desperate to avoid the ghosts of the past awaiting her return home. When offered a substantial sum to negotiate an alliance for her country, she says yes before the nice government agent can finish his sentence. Now if she could just ignore the ungrateful, arrogant prat of a pilot…

In a world of hoverships and crumbling First Earth artifacts, Hallie and Kase must accomplish the impossible: secure an alliance with an elusive, mystical race to help defend against a kingdom with dangerous technology and ancient magic. If they fail, the war will be lost before it even begins.

Cities of Smoke and Starlight is a science fantasy novel perfect for fans of Dune, Pride and Prejudice, and anyone who believed Rogue One needed a romantic subplot.

The end of time is coming.

All that’s left of Hallie Walker after the Eudora Jayde mission are nightmares and an ancestry tangled with dark secrets. When her parents send an urgent telegram to return home, she knows it's time to face the past she's determined to forget. In doing so, she unwittingly stumbles into a scheme as old as the planet itself. If only she can convince a certain cocky pilot to fly her home…

Reeling from the death of his brother, Kase Shackley focuses on anything but reality itself. But when his past sins spill into the light of day, Kase does what he does best—run. If only he knew how to tell a certain bubbly scholar goodbye…

The world of Yalvara sits on a precipice, peering into the murky depths below. The kingdom of Cerulene has been too quiet since attacking the nation of Jayde, and a dangerous extremist group lurks in the shadows. When the ancient Yalvs arrive in Jayde’s capital with stories of a dragon and its rider destroying their holy city, Hallie and Kase know the horizon of war has finally come. The question is, who will be standing when the smoke clears?

Realms of Wrath & Ruin is the second heart-wrenching, character-driven steampunk novel in the Gate Chronicles series featuring a slow burn romance, perfect for fans of the magic system in Attack on Titan, the world of Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross, and the romance of Fox’s 1997 film Anastasia.

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