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If you’re a writer and you haven’t tried ProWritingAid, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. It’s an excellent tool (and Microsoft Word plugin!) for polishing up your manuscript to be the best it could be. While it doesn’t do the hard work for you, it aids in the monotonous tasks of line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. It also has the capability to judge where your story might lag and where you might have info-dumped. It will also tell you which paragraphs are easy to read and which are difficult.

Line Editing:

- PWA highlights areas where you’ve used the same sentence start 3 or more times in a row

- Gives you a visual of your sentence lengths so you can go back and fix trouble areas

- Picks out your pesky adverbs

- Highlights clichés and overused words (and suggests alternatives)

- Analyzes your sentence start variety (how many start with subject + verb or with an infinitive phrase…etc)

Copyediting & Proofreading:

- Highlights all your grammar and mechanical errors (and suggests solutions)

- Combs over your manuscript for consistency in quotation marks, ellipses, etc.


I haven’t even covered all the wonderful features of this program, but only listed the ones I find most useful or have used myself. If there’s one drawback, it’s the fact that it’s rather slow when analyzing an entire manuscript. Therefore, what I do is work with one scene at a time.

This program offers a free version (and a Chrome plugin) as well as a paid (premium) version. The free version will only allow so much text to be analyzed at one time (not much text), but the premium will analyze your entire manuscript, chapters, and longer scenes.


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